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Chen's (Bury What We Cannot Take) third novel is the best sort of story to experience in audio. This twisty tale is presented as a confessional, as Chinese American lawyer Ava reveals her part in a lucrative counterfeit handbag scheme. Winnie Fang, Ava's former roommate who left Stanford in disgrace, returns to San Francisco and involves Ava in a plot to sell fake designer handbags. When the handbag scheme blows up, however, Winnie leaves Ava to face punishment alone. Narrated by Catherine Ho, Ava's voice is tinged with exactly the right amount of bewilderment, making her seem logical, innocent, and contrite. Ho makes the listener believe that this incident was an out-of-character misadventure that could lead Ava toward a better relationship with her son, a stronger bond with her husband, and a refreshed approach to her work. Both text and narration hint that more secrets await, but listeners will wonder whether these have been hidden from fear, embarrassment, or nefariousness. VERDICT Listeners will be completely invested in Ava's story, wondering whether she is truly meant for a settled, if boring, life or if a different sort of happiness awaits.--Matthew Galloway
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